Solar-powered printing.

Print fabric with sunlight activated Inkodye.

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Photo Printing Kit
Available in two color options:

Print your own images on fabric using the power of sunlight. The complete introduction to printing with Inkodye. Makes four 12x12 inch prints. Includes the following:

  • 4× Inkodye 0.95oz Snap Packs
  • 4× Inkofilm 8.5” inkjet-printable film
  • 1× Inkowash packet
  • 1× Project board
  • Printed instructions
  • Test negative
  • Step-by-step video

Over 1 million prints have been made with Inkodye. Join the fun!

Recent #inkodye projects on Instagram

Over 1 million prints have been made with Inkodye. Join the fun!

Recent #inkodye projects on Instagram


Angelo V.
“Great for anyone that is interested in making their own prints. The ink leaves a soft feel on the fabric. Brilliant product.”

“I LOVE this kit. It's the easiest way to make your clothes unique without making them look cheap or spending hours making something. Can't wait to dye more of my clothes!”

Junior G.

“I fell in love with this product, I think it's the most amazing thing ever!”


Does the kit come with everything I need?

To start printing with your kit all you need to find is something to print on! Anything made of natural materials like cotton, canvas and light-colored denims will work well. The Inkofilm included in your kit is designed for inkjet printers.

How long does it need to stay in the sun?

Inkodye develops in about 10 minutes on a sunny day. If it's cloudy you'll want to leave your print outside for 20-30 minutes to develop its full color.

Do I need sunlight?

You know how you can get a sunburn, even on a cloudy day? Similarly, you do not need a perfect sunny day to develop Inkodye because there is still plenty of ultraviolet light (UV) outside, even when its cloudy. Also, powerful artificial UV lights can develop Inkodye indoors.

Is this screen printing?

It's similar, but you don't need a screen! Instead of pushing ink through a stencil or screen you use shadows and negatives to block light to make your print. It's far fewer steps than traditional screen printing and the instructions included in your kit make it simple.

How many t-shirts can I print with one kit?

With the four Inkodye snap packs that come in this kit you'll be able to print at least four shirts (4 square feet). If you do smaller prints, like pocket-sized you could do you could print up to 36!

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