Solar-powered printing.

Let the sun do the work. Try the full range of Inkodye techniques.

Inkodye - Blue
Inkodye - Black
Inkodye - Navy
Inkodye - Sepia
Inkodye - Copper
Inkodye - Orange
Inkodye - Plum
Inkodye - Magenta
Inkodye - Red



Magical photo-sensitive dyes that develop their color with exposure to sunlight or UV. See color chart for print samples.

One ounce of dye prints approximately one 12x12 inch (30x30cm) square. Works on cotton, linen, silk and any natural, absorbent material. Won't fade or rub off, and fabrics remain soft to the touch.

Inkocap - Roller


Inkocap Roller

This roller cap screws onto any Inkodye bottle and makes it easy to apply without waste. The hard rubber roller is cleanable with water. Also works on any bottle with a standard 24/410 cap. (Inkodye not included)

Inkowash - 8oz / 237ml


Inkowash 8oz (237ml)

Detergent formulated to remove unexposed dye from fabric and help set the color of Inkodye prints. Washes 10 laundry loads of prints.

Cleanline - Resist - 16oz / 473ml


Cleanline 16oz (473ml)

Water-based, all-natural resist paste made from cassava. Resist can be used in batik dyeing to prevent color from bleeding on certain areas of your project. Apply it with a brush, with stencils, stamps, or with fine line applicators.

Shadow Printing Kit
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Shadow Printing Kit

Great with kids! The easiest way to get started with Inkodye. A simple alternative to cyanotype and sunprints. Learn how to print with objects such as leaves, pins and keys. Printable pouch included. Kit details.

Sunfold Printing Kit
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Sunfold Printing Kit

Great for groups. Harness the sun to print elegant patterns on any natural fabric. Takes the fuss out of tie-dye for simple fashionable looks. Prints up to 16 pieces. Kit details.

Inkofilm - Inkjet - 8.5" / 216mm Square


Inkofilm Inkjet

For printing custom negatives. 10 sheets of 8.5" square (216mm square) transparent inkjet film. Specially coated to increase density. Use two sheets for extra-dense negatives, or if your printer outputs less ink.